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Game Rules

System requirements

System requirements


Operating system: Windows XP incl. Service Pack 2 or Windows Vista

Browser: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2.0 oder newer, Opera 9.5 or newer, Safari 3.1 or newer


Operating system: Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or 10.5 Leopard

Browser: Safari 3, Firefox 2+ or compatible browser


Firefox 2+ or compatible browser


Molehill Empire ...
... is a fun economy simulation, revolving entirely around the microcosm garden. As free browser game it runs entirely in your web browser, without any additional downloads or software!
Given the task of an industrious garden gnome, you'll be able to create your very own private Garden of Eden. Lettuce, carrots, strawberries, spinach or onions - it's up to you which plants you want to grow. Visit the friendly towns of Green Valley and Hedgerow Ville to trade with other players, purchase new plants and decorations to spice up your own garden, deliver your customer's orders and always make sure to be a good neighbour ... or you might wake up one day to find your garden infested by an army of moles...


Hello and welcome to my little garden of Eden!
May I introduce myself, my name is William Willowbough, and I am a well-respected and experienced garden gnome. You might say I have been born with a green thumb. But even as a garden gnome you have to roll with the times, which is why I have only recently got myself a brand-new PC. While browsing through the internet, I just happened to stumble upon this amazing economy-simulation called Kapi Regnum.
Well, ever since then I've hardly had time to grow vegetables or visit the market. Besides, there's this wonderful female gnome that I met at a user meeting and well - obviously I have to spend some time with her as well. So you see, if I don't find some help pretty soon, my beautiful garden will surely be completely infested by moles - not to forget all those ghastly weeds and tree stumps! When I saw you pass by my garden-door just now, I immediately thought: Now there's a person I can entrust my little oasis to. What are you saying, you have never tended a garden before? Well, that's no problem at all. Take this shovel and the watering can and just come on along, I'll show you everything you need to know to create you very own garden empire!


The fun garden-simulation

Planting, trading, planning and decorating: Fill your garden with beautiful bushes and blooming flowers; this browser-game lets you be master of your very own little garden of Eden! Kind gnomes will help you with your chores, so gardening will soon seem like a piece of cake - and you won't even have to get your hands dirty. With 44 available vegetables, fruits and flowers from A for apple to Z for zucchini, you will quickly turn your garden into a veritable oasis.

Welcome to Green Valley!

Trade with other players at the online market-place, purchase seeds for your virtual garden and send your friends presents! From chocolate gnome to marzipan rose, fancy decoration for your garden and new plants, you will find everything in Green Valley, that a gardeners's heart may desire. Looking for a flashy car, pretty flowers or a more efficient fertilizer? Then stop by at the neighboring Hedgerow Ville!

Beware of weeds and moles

Rid your garden of weeds, rocks and molehills, hire watering helpers and marvel at your plants' different growth-stages. And always make sure to be a good neighbour... or you might wake up one day to find your garden infested by an army of moles, sent to you by fiendish Al Gardone...

Work together with other players!

You can go it alone - but it's just as much fun to work together! So join a guild or create your very own gardeners' society. At the regulars' table, you won't just be able to find lots of new trading-partners, but also build a wonder of the world together! You can display your medals und cups later on in your trophy-case.

The most beautiful garden of Molehill Empire

Show your display-garden to your friends! They are surely going to be amazed at how colorful and fun economy simulations can be. In order to make your garden even prettier, you can purchase decorations: A pond, a few pavillons, a sandbox or a slide? Decorate your garden to your own liking!

A witty game, filled with fun and entertainment

Master countless quests on your way from Salad Spinner to Molehill Emperor or even Super Emperor! Bustling gnomes, flavorful vegetables and millions of other player are expecting you in this free browser-game - join in and create your very own Molehill Empire!

upjers browser games

Of course, Molehilll Empire, as all browser games from upjers, can be played directly in your browser, without any downloads or installations. All you need to do is: Register and have fun playing! For further information on Molehill Empire, just have a look around the game-forum. Enjoy your stay on Molehill Empire!

Molehill Empire